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Wrecker Installation Method and Use Fault Description

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The hydraulic winch has been widely used in wreckers. It is an important functional component and is commonly used for lifting and towing traction. The hydraulic winch has many specifications from light to heavy duty. The commonly used hydraulic winch has worm gear and planetary gear. The two types of gears are decelerated. The winch is driven by a hydraulic motor. The deceleration device is used to reduce the speed and increase the output torque. The relative heavy-haulage capability of the winch is achieved. The worm-wheel hydraulic winch has a relatively simple structure and is easy to manufacture. Relatively low efficiency and production costs, generally used for medium and light hydraulic winch, and planetary wheel hydraulic winch structure is relatively complex, large transmission ratio, transmission efficiency and production costs are relatively high, generally used in medium and heavy hydraulic winches.
Wrecker Installation Method and Use Fault Description
In wreckers, the hydraulic winch mostly uses the mid-mounted installation method, while the side-mounted hydraulic winch is gradually applied to some wreckers. Generally, one or two winches are installed on the wrecker. According to design requirements, the winch The steel wire rope can adopt two kinds of upper and lower rope direction. To help prevent the steel wire rope from being disordered, the winch should be equipped with a pressure guide rope device. The selection and installation of the winch and wire rope in the wrecker is very important. It is related to the technology of the vehicle. And safety performance, so pay attention to the installation and use:
(1) Before installing the winch, check whether the components are complete and whether there is any damage. If any parts are damaged, they must be replaced before installation.
(2) The connection between the winch and the connection seat or bracket shall be fixed with a high-strength bolt with a mechanical performance of 10.9 or higher to ensure sufficient joint strength.
(3) After the winch is installed, it is necessary to check whether the hydraulic pipeline is connected wrongly, whether the clutch can be normally combined and separated, and whether the winch drum can rotate normally and the phenomenon of jamming cannot occur.
(4) When winding the wire rope on the winch, put the rope head into the rope hole of the reel, then tighten the set screw and take the rope reeling condition. After winding 4-5 turns, load 3-5KN force to tighten the wire rope.
(5) The maximum declination angle of the wire rope when it is wound into and out of the reel should not exceed 3° to prevent the chaos rope and the winch from deflecting. When it is deactivated, the rope tensioner will press the wire rope tightly to prevent the wire rope from returning loose and being disordered.
(6) After installation of the winch, no-load operation shall be carried out before heavy-load test or long-term decommissioning to facilitate the smooth operation of the motor.
(7) Never lift the winch clutch when lifting heavy objects or pulling. When the winch is working, the wire rope will retain at least 5 turns on the drum.
(8) The use of overloaded winches is strictly prohibited to prevent damage to the winch and safety incidents.
● In the process of using the wrecker of a wrecker, sometimes there are some failures. Common phenomena are:
(1) The winch or motor leaks. It is mainly used for a long time. If the seal is damaged or the connecting bolt is loose, just replace the seal and tighten the connecting bolt.
(2) The winch clutch is disengaged and the engagement is not smooth, mainly due to the misalignment of the clutch pawl or the problem of the clutch control mechanism. The rotation of the cylinder can make the jaws align and check and eliminate the malfunction of the operating mechanism.
(3) When the winch is working, the pressure is unstable and tremble. The main reason is that the load is unstable and the wire rope is swaying. The wire rope can be re-aligned (add weight on the hook to avoid no load collection).
The winch of the wrecker must be regularly maintained to ensure the safe use of the winch and extend the service life of the winch. To replace the lubricant in the winch box regularly, it is usually replaced once a year. Always check the winch and the motor for leaks. Always check whether the winch mounting bolts are loose. Always check the broken wire, wear, and deformation of the wire rope. Regularly lubricate the wire rope with a lubricant. The wire rope that has reached the scrap condition must be replaced with a new steel wire rope. In general, it is necessary to use, maintain and maintain the winch strictly in accordance with the requirements of the specification in order to use the winch and the wrecker.


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