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How to use electric winch? Is it the legendary off-road killer?

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Time-sharing/full-time four-wheel drive systems, differential locks, non-loaded bodywork, etc. These excellent "genes" on off-road models are presumably familiar to all riders but are now popular urban SUV models. All can not see. They can still run bad roads, but when it comes to really extreme road conditions, there is usually no way to do it, and it is often criticized. But there is a kind of off-road modification project, the cost is not high, but can make H6 such as home SUV easily off the hook in a special road conditions, you can instantly climb out of the mud or pits, kill the top off-road vehicles such as Hummer, you believe it? Do not think that Xiao Bian is talking nonsense. It really is, it is an electric winch.

What is an electric winch?

As the saying goes: "No winch, no off-road." The electric winch is a traction device that is driven by the power system of the car itself. It is currently the most common type of winch. When vehicles are in trouble in harsh environments such as snow, quagmire, deserts, and swamps in the wild, they are effective vehicles for self-rescue or field rescue. They can help the vehicles get out of danger smoothly, and they can also be used to challenge more difficult terrains. It can also be used for road work such as clearing and towing. It can be installed in various equipment such as off-road vehicles, cars, agricultural vehicles, ship yachts, etc. It is an essential safety device in petroleum, hydrology, forestry, transportation, border defense and field sports.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric winch?

The advantage of the electric winch is that it can use the electric power of the car battery to generate a great pulling force to help the car get out of trouble, and it can be used normally when the car is off, especially in the flooded environment. This product is very simple to install, but also can achieve multi-position installation, but the disadvantage is that the huge power consumption, can not maintain long-term use, the driving force is small, the motor is easy to heat, only one direction of traction activities.

Composition of electric winch

Mainly consists of series excitation motor, planetary gear with less teeth difference (reducer), steel cable (or Dyneema rope), wired control handle (or wireless), control box, rescue hook, rope guide, twisted rope pulley, pulley block, etc. Parts together. In addition, auxiliary supplies are also necessary, such as protective gloves, holding tree straps, cable flags, U-shaped hangers and so on.

Precautions during the use of electric winches

First of all, electric winches are often used in the wild. Therefore, it is common for them to be contaminated with muddy or oily dirt. Therefore, after going home, they should be dismantled and checked. Check the gears, carefully clean the butter, and then store it properly to avoid rust. Wear protective gloves as much as possible during operation to prevent accidental hand injuries. In addition, in order to prevent the wire rope from breaking and being swept under tension, it will injure other people and vehicles, and other personnel should move away from a certain safe area and perform actual operations.

In addition, pay attention to not put all the end, it should be reserved about 5 laps (or red line position) to prevent the load from causing the cable to fall off; take the line should tighten the cable, control the recovery device to recover slowly, so that the cable Place them neatly on the gong and drum to keep the ropes neatly wrapped. In addition, overloading and prolonged operation are fatal to the motor. Minimize the operation of the electric winch for a long time. If necessary, use a pulley block to increase traction. Prevent the relay from overheating and burning, and also prevent the car battery from overloading, which will affect the life of the battery. .

The significance of the conversion is not big?

In principle, all models can be equipped with electric winches, but dual-purpose vehicles such as cars and MPVs have a low chassis and are mainly driven on city roads. It is absolutely unnecessary to install them. However, for off-road vehicles or some SUV players, we hope to have a real chance of hard-core “sweeping”. Therefore, the installation of electric winches is still very necessary, and the price is very affordable. At least when confronted with difficulties, we can provide you with more A guarantee.


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